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Changing one life at a time, no community left behind.


We want to support those who are eager to turn their lives around with provisions of necessary resources and opportunities. We aim to support families and individuals through the provisions of food and essentials so they have the capacity to worry about making positive progress in their lives. 



The youth is our future. We aim to inspire, enable, and educate at-risk youth and their families in order to limit the impact negative influences have on their lives. Through the provisions of opportunities and resources, we aim to expose at-risk youth to possibilities that would otherwise evade them. 


We are a 501c3 tax exempt organization. L&D envisions a united community where everyone has the access to build opportunity regardless of where we live, income status or where we come from. L&D works toward a world where our youth is healthy, capable, and thriving, and our communities have access to essential food security and sustainable professional development opportunities. Form 990s available under organization name "L AND D GIVES".

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