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Campus Grocer

Please spread the word! The more support we receive the more food we can distribute!


Why are we doing this?

The supplemental program is meant to support students on their quest to financial stability by providing food so they can allocate their funds towards other expenses, such as student loan debt. 

Where will pickup be? 

Pickup is on the home side of Marv Kay Stadium in the training room. 

When is distribution?

Every Wednesday or Thursday (check email) from 12pm - 3pm in the training room. 

What kind of food will we get?

The cool thing is it changes every week, which allows an opportunity to learn to cook new foods all the time. But, you can always count on fresh fruits and veggies, meat, protein, grains, and snack foods.

Do I have to donate or volunteer in order to receive food?

NO NO NO... the food pantry is open at the designated times for anyone who needs food. There is no requirement of donation or volunteering needed to pick up. 

How do I edit my donation?

Please refer to the email you received from at the start of your donation. Or, login to

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