Once upon a time, there was a cat named Jeremy. Jeremy was an extraordinary cat - so extraordinary that at the age of 1 he bought his Mom and Dad a cruise to Chile. But, his voyages did not stop there; he continued to explore, he conquered North Dakota and later the world, and ultimately paved the path for world peace. It was then he knew, that his time on earth was coming to a close - not because he was old, but because he wanted to go to space. 

However, his space voyage did not quite go as planned. While exploring the cosmos, he got sucked into a blackhole that planted him within the very fibers of the internet that enable you to read this great story about Jeremy. 

Anyways, Jeremy is lost on this site that so conveniently will show you the things that the potential job prospect Sean Roberts' non-profit does. Find Jeremy and bring him home safely brave soldier. (I promise he is on here)