Sean Roberts Portfolio

Naruto Computer Game

● Efficiently allocated memory through the infinite background scroll algorithm and infinite object creation algorithm
● Utilized skills in collision detection and game physics to create a satisfying and realistic game experience
● Developed the game using object-oriented programming for well organized and easily customizable game variables

● Proved concept via 42000 unique visitors and over 7000 subscribers and customers over the last year
● Utilized multiple companies’ products to produce a market-ready product in only 1 month
● Assisted in the development of the pitch deck - specifically investor packages and the software’s future

L&D Gives
(this site)

FEIN: 84-3452272

Event media:

● Create and expand supplemental programs to aid opportunities and growth in underserved communities
● Manage volunteers to optimize event workflow and efficiency to meet our programs’ goals
● Research and handle legal filings, employee payments, and account management on the company’s behalf
● Grew expected company public contributions by 100% year over year and predict public contributions of $50,000 in 2022.

● Gained practice filing W-9, 1099, and 990 forms for IRS compliance

● Have a lot of fun! 

Anti-Theft Device

● Utilized c++ to create software that reacts to sensor input form arduino computer
● Implemented circuitry knowledge to connect  sensors and powersource effectively

● Had some fun

Roberts Co. LLC

● Grew client base from 2 to 7 clients within the first two months of operation
● Increased online leads for one client by 500% through web and media consultation and effective development
● Use agile development practices to create client centric websites and software

● Text marketing project comprised under Roberts Co.

● Construct operating agreement and uphold structure agreed upon by all members

● Practice effective filing of forms 1065 and schedule K-1 for tax law compliance

Notable Clients:

No Time for Cancer Foundation - design optimization, web strategy

Everest Auto LLC - web strategy, website design - investor package creation, design optimization, web strategy, marketing strategy, deployment

Compass Real Estate - website design, event management, event planning