To get paid complete the following steps.

Step 2) Fill out the invoice like below.
Things to note: Date is the date the service was provided. 
Due date is the Friday the week that the services were provided.
The last 4 numbers of the account you want the money sent to is in the Terms section.

Make sure every field filled out in the below invoice is filled out in your invoice with the appropriate wording and modified to fit your personal information.

Screenshot 2022-02-18 092846.png

Step 3) Once the invoice is filled out, press download and select the option to download as a pdf

Photo Feb 18, 8 40 35 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 18, 8 38 12 AM.jpg

Step 4) Click the share button.

Photo Feb 18, 8 44 39 AM.jpg

Step 5) Click "Save to Files"

Photo Feb 18, 9 47 10 AM.png

Step 6) (ONLY COMPLETE ONCE - If you already have an invoices folder proceed to step 7) Highlight "On my iPhone" and tap the folder with the + in the top right next to save. 

Photo Feb 18, 9 51 03 AM.png

Title the folder "L&D Gives Invoices" or something similar.

Photo Feb 18, 9 51 17 AM.png

Step 7)  Highlight your L&D Gives Invoices Folder and select Save

Photo Feb 18, 9 51 24 AM.png

Step 8)  Open your personal gmail or email account (not and select compose or new mail. 
Subject: Services and Date Provided (MM/DD)
Body: Description of what invoice is for.
Thank you message with your name.

See Example Below:

Photo Feb 18, 10 16 27 AM.png

Step 9) Click the paper clip at the top right next to send and tap the gray folder icon under attachments.

Photo Feb 18, 9 14 17 AM.png

Step 10) Find and tap on the invoice to attach it to the email.

Photo Feb 18, 9 14 21 AM.png

Step 11) Tap send